Friday, 16 July 2010

North Shore Atlantic RM & the Rockpool Taran

Our next shipments from Rockpool, North Shore & Valley are on the way.

The North Shore Atlantic RM

Great new developments at North Shore, with the launch of their Atlantic design in a  rotomoulded layup. The Atlantic has been an unqualified success in this country, often being a first skeg boat for new paddlers, who invariably develop their skills quickly in what is essentially a very user friendly rough water boat. If there's a better surfing sea kayak out there, I'm yet to paddle it (note, I can't fit in the Avocet...). It also fits a wide range of paddlers, with a weight capacity from about 60kg all the way up to about 110kg. This is a rarity in our boat ranges as we're always very careful to match paddlers to their correct boat size, but for some reason the Atlantic defies the norms about fit & size. The RM version is a single skin layup, made the same way that Valley make their tough & hard-wearing Big Dog whitewater boats & Surf Kayaks. The Atlantic RM is priced for the intro paddler at just $1985, great value for someone wanting to find out what rudderless paddling is all about, or it's a superb rough water second boat for an established paddler not wanting to bust the budget. We'll have a demo here from mid-October.

The Rockpool Taran
Possibly the most exciting new design heading our way comes one again from the acknowledged kayaking innovators at Rockpool. Mike has been busy with UK speedster John Willacy developing a fast racing style boat, with the beautiful sea manners endemic to all Rockpool designs. When I visited his factory in January he showed me a prototype of a new racing style that John had recently piloted around the Anglesey peninsula in record time.  It looked like a GT with a plumb racing bow, a bit narrower & with lines familiar to me from my surf ski. Well, it's in production, the Rockpool Taran is now under manufacture & we have one for sale & one to demo, from the about mid-October. Yesterday, John smashed the record time for circumnavigating the Isle of Man in the same boat so it's pedigree continues to build.

John in the Taran (photo courtesy Pete Wood of Pesda Press)

You can see an updated list of what's on the shelf, what's coming & when, on the Kayak Prices & Stock page on our website. Please give us a shout if you have any questions or queries.

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