Friday, 25 March 2011

The stats don't lie….

I've got myself yet another new toy, a heart rate monitor slash GPS which I hook up on my training paddles to measure my performance & hopefully begin to gain some fitness.
It throws up all sorts of data which I'm sure would bore most of you to tears, but this little graph in particular is rather revealing.
I was in my ski, Rob was in the Taran, wind was initially a headwind of 15 - 20 knots to about 48 minutes, then a beam wind from 48 minutes to about 1hr 10mins, then a much stronger wind gusting to 27knots on the stern quarter for the remaining 50 minutes.
We covered just on 18km, and did some 2 minute intervals every 10 minutes, which you can see as the little blips in speed (blue line) to an extent & heart rate (red line) much more strongly in the graphs.
Guess what happens at 1hr 34mins? Total loss of speed & heart rate goes through the clouds? Just to show how stressful a capsize can be in rough water, there's the numbers! I flopped around for about 3 minutes after going over on a diagonal runner, very nearly lost my ski to the Tasman winds because I wasn't wearing a leg leash (last time that happens), then had three goes at getting back on, dropping in unceremoniously after each failure.
You can see the graph from there on illustrating the ride in the short, steep wind waves now being generated by a honking westerly surfing me along at an angle then stalling as I hit the troughs (or put on the brakes). Quite a ride home, and not ideal in a long waterline ocean ski, although it would have been rather a smoother line if I'd been going in the exact same direction as the wind.
Ah gadgets gadgets, nice to see one of them confirming an inalienable truth, scientifically recording me nearly browning my speedos…!

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