Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tarans at 10 paces

Occasionally when the weather forecast is very pointed, predicting a strong change to hit at a fairly certain time, an email arrives in my inbox from either of Rob or Chris. Usually something like 'Rapiers at 10 paces', or more lately, Tarans.
Last week there was one such forecast of a good southerly blow so the buggers closest to Watson's Bay, Rob & Chris, headed out to blow out a few North Reef blues.
They paddled into the conditions for an hour or so, before turning near Diamond Bay & running back as the wind strengthened.
Mercer was back in his element, craftily riding the subliminal water shapes that code themselves off the cliffline, so Chris figured all was fair if he hoisted his sail to catch him.
The video above shows a few of his little rides in amongst the sea & swell, brilliant fun, & a long way removed from the slow & short seas of the Capricornia Cays.

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