Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Next UK Shipment Cut-Off

We are finalising our next order with Valley & Rockpool in the next 2 weeks, and invite anyone with a custom order to let us know you'd like your new boat to look! 
Valley offer several customised options, from their aersopsace infused carbon/kevlar layup to individualised colours, bulkhead lengths, foot pumps, keelstrips & even three-piece boats, which seem to have suddenly become most sought-after.
The next shipment from Valley will also include the smallest version of the Etain, a genuine expedition boat for smaller folks, the 17'3".
Rockpool customise every single one of their boats to the owner's requirements, so if you'd like a GT or Taran, or even the cult Alaw Bach in a funky design just for you, let us know. In the past we've delivered boats with starfish, kelp, even a beautiful Aboriginal design in the gelcoat artwork, so they really do have the capacity to make your boat exactly to your specs.
We'll likely receive the shipment here in Australia some time around early February, and if the pervious couple of Valley shipments are anything to go by, there will be very little left to buy off-the-shelf that hasn't been pre-ordered. 

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