Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Into the Wind - Round Ireland DVD

In the lead up to our own North Reef trip, where we were using Rockpool Tarans, Epic Mid Wing blades, & planning a fast & athletic expedition style, all our eyes were focussed on Jeff Allen & Harry Whelan & their attempt to break a 21 year old record for the fastest circumnavigation of Ireland.
The guys were using most of the kit we planned on using, and made the bold statement of aiming at the record, come hell or high water, which added pressure but also motivation to pull it off. Rob & Jeff swapped corrspondence on how we thought the boats were handling our lead up, & he shared their findings, all of which was very useful stuff for us, & we hope for him as well!
And man did they smoke it. In appalling conditions, most of the time, the guys tore 8 days off a 33 day record.
Their mate Vaughan Roberts followed them around the coastline recording the journey, & the boys were well fitted out themselves with cameras capturing the on-water stuff. Vaughan has since cut a DVD of their trip which has once again raised the bar for documentation of a rough water expedition.
We'll have our stock here in about a week, but the DVD is available now for pre-order. Go to the DVD Section in our online store for details. Price is $34.95 including delivery nationally

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