Friday, 13 January 2012

The Rockpool Taran Returns….

Our next shipment from the UK is due in six weeks, and there are four Tarans available in the shipment, not yet pre-sold. These boats have created such a stir in the world market & have been snapped up here without ever really reaching our stock racks. In the short period of time the Taran has been on the market they have been paddled in some record breaking trips, broken many open sea records, and this month for the first time they will be used on an attempt to cross Bass Strait. As an expedition boat they have made sea paddlers re think the idea of range & boat speed over long distances, surely the most vital of safety considerations when undertaking long crossings in particular.
About a dozen people have expressed serious interest in the boat over the Xmas period & this is advance warning of what is coming, I've inserted a graphic below of the colourways.
A slight saving on shipping has allowed us to drop the price to $4490, for a boat made to the same specs & rudder fit out etc as Chris James used for the North Reef Expedition.
Please let us know if you'd like to put your name next to one of these unique boats, which in our opinion represent the future of expeditioning designs.

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