Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Valley & Rockpool Shipment is here…!

Our latest shipment from the UK is here. We opened the doors this morning & unloaded a container filled with Rockpool Tarans, the Nordkapp LV's & the full range of Etains, including the brand new Etain 17'3.
The first Etain 17'3 in Oz
What a sweet little boat the 17'3 is, a genuine expedition kayak aimed at small paddlers, with low windage, low volume & the same set of sea manners as the more playful Avocet LV. We'll be seeking paddler opinions this coming weekend down at the NSWSKC's annual Rock & Roll weekend, where we'll have a demo available.
For now, our stock list has the list of what remains in the warehouse, again it's not many, as the Brit containers are invariably filled with customised boats.


  1. The Etain 17'3" pictured looks like a fantastic little boat! Nice colour scheme too. Will you be asking Sharon to do a review/video Sundo?
    You should sell a truckload of the new 'LV' Etain and the 17'5" I would've thought!

    No wonder Mercer has a smile on his dial, look at all that Valley wrapping!!! Heaven.

  2. Sharon owns the first one in the country, & will have it out & about at Rock & Roll. Unfortunatley it looks like elegant lttle demo we had with duck egg blue & pink trims has sold on first sight, even though it wasn't meant to! Back to the marketing drawing board….

  3. Great, look forward to hearing/reading/seeing(?) Sharon's thoughts on the 17-3!

    Sold eh? I know a lovely Etain 17-7 that you can have as a demo boat for mates rates ;)



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