Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rob White Crosses Bass Strait

Before leaving Port Welshpool
Rob White from Bermagui on the Far South Coast just sent us a series of photos from his successful solo crossing of Eastern Bass Strait.
Rob set his sights high for the crossing, training hard and preparing for all eventualities, as you must do when taking on such a committing trip as a solo paddler.

A sequence from Rob's training - cracking a wave…..
then flicking off before the crunch…..
He paddled a Rockpool Taran, choosing the boat for the unique combination of rough water handling and speed. His reports back on the way the Taran handled the tough days is very encouraging, reinforcing what we already know about this very special kayak design.
Deal Island in sight 
His dedication to preparation paid off, with a cruising average speed far in excess of the 4 knots he had planned, and a fast crossing of the eastern islands duly completed in great style. Rob completed the chain in eight days, leaving Port Welshpool on the 4th of March, arriving at Little Musselroe Bay on the 11th of March.
Hogan Island
He granted himself one rest day at Whitemark on Flinders, as you do, then pushed on to beat a weather system that threatened to keep him on the island for an extended period.
Finished! Rob at Little Musselroe Bay
Rob runs a terrific paddling business down on the south coast at, and is a great guy to show the sights of his native waters if you're down that way.

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