Monday, 22 July 2013

EK Stock Update

Our Kayaks Stock & Prices page has just been updated to reflect the stock we have arriving over the next couple of months.
It's an exciting time, and probably the first time we've ever had such a burst of brand new designs hitting the racks prior to a Spring paddling season. In short, here's a rundown of what's coming:


Tiderace Xtra - An out & out play boat to rival the Valley Gemini, with a radical flat hull section designed for surf & close quartering in the extreme. One of the top selling new boats in the European market, as the paddling world begins to embrace the surfing sea kayak. Here's a VIDEO OF the XTra in action. Price $4390 (G-Core Layup).
Tiderace Xtra
Tiderace Pace Evoke - a 15 footer with manoeuvrability in line with it's waterline length, but a terminal hull speed to rival most long-haul traditional sea kayaks. Designed for smaller paddlers who don't want to be left behind, light, fun & capable of extended touring. Price $4390 (G-Core Lite Layup).
Tiderace Evoke
Plus, a shedful of the ground-breaking Pace 17 Tour (now available in two colours).


Valley Gemini SP RM - A game changer in many respects, short enough to fit into the standard car spot available in a block of units, fast enough to foot it on a standard club trip which clips along at 6-7kmh, and a ball-tearer in the surf (see our video of the Gemini in action HERE). Although designed with the surf in mind, a clever hull shape with more V than you'd normally associate with a play boat gives the boat solid tracking characteristics, and also a surprising turn of speed. If you measure a sea kayak by the ease with which it holds a cruising speed of 6-7kmh, then the Gemini loses nothing for being shorter than the traditional sea kayaks we have come to know. It's also a great price, just $1990 in the new RM layup. We have had extraordinary interest in this boat, with unprecedented pre-orders.
Valley Gemini SP RM
Rockpool Taran 16 - The Taran (now known as the Taran 18) reset the parameters for long haul expeditioners, and the Taran 16 promises to broaden the appeal of this genre of boat even further, with a more stable, more manoeuvrable and shorter design, aimed at paddlers who want a little more versatility from their speed machine. Clocked in the UK with a terminal hull speed only 4% lower than the full sized Taran, but with enhanced rough water handling. The revolution is gaining speed…..
Rockpool Taran 16
As well, the September shipment sees the composite and rotomoulded version of the hugely popular Valley Etain 17'5 back in stock in a number of colourways & layups, and also the return of the Valley Etain 17'3.

For a full rundown of what is in the warehouse today, as well as what is coming, check the Kayak Prices & Stock page on our website HERE.


  1. The Taran 16 and the Pace Evoke look veeeery interesting. I had been wondering if you were going to stock the T16. Together with the Epic 16x they make a nice trio of fast, yet still maneuverable boats that are small and light enough to be easy to handle off the water. I'm not looking for a new boat just now, but in a year or so...

    I'll be very keen to see reviews of the Evoke and the Taran 16. It'll be interesting to see where they differ and where they overlap in performance and handling characteristics. (And if you happen to have a look at the 16x as well, seeing as you *are* Epic stockists, that would be even better!)


  2. G'day Stuart,
    I guess the most significant development in these new shorter touring designs is that the old myth about waterline length equating to a high terminal speed are being very quickly dispelled. The Pace 17 is a great example, capable of a THS of 9.8kmh, which is faster than virtually any traditionally shaped sea kayak on the market, yet with a low enough wetted area to allow sudden power transfer to equate to sudden acceleration. It's some development when you consider how ponderous traditional touring designs are by comparison, where stability is acheived through a large wetted area. This in turn makes the hull adhere to the sea surface, and therefore restricts that lovely nimbleness we're seeing in these very clever new designs from Valley, Rockpool & Tiderace. I no longer have to jump in my ski or the Taran on a big rough day to get my fix of long running rides on the ocean, and the old compromise between stability & speed is narrowing as each design builds on the acheivements of it's predecessor.
    My guess in that sea kayaks in 10 years time are going to look very different to what we all envisage when someone mentions the genre….


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