Friday, 16 May 2014

EK Now Stocking ORKA Paddles from South Africa

We have just landed our first stock of the South African made ORKA Paddles, the paddle of choice for current World Surfski Champ Sean Rice.

ORKA Paddles are made strong, with a solid layup, alloy joiner & a finish & look to rival the hand made Mitchell Blades we import from the UK.

We've chosen two designs from their range, the Inner & the Flex.

The Inner is a mid-sized blade, designed to be sympathetic to the varied & unpredictable shapes the sea throws at us, suited to long distance sea kayaking and endurance surf ski paddling. It's designed  with a forgiving leading edge, it's built strong, with an alloy joiner & a reinforced shaft, and an ovalised grip to assist in blade orientation, and features 10cm of length and infinite feather adjustment. 

The Flex is a small mid sized paddle with a punchier catch, which provides huge stability at the entry point, but a very narrow neck for a clean & effortless exit, combined with a smaller blade size. If you're endurance racing your ski on flat water this would be an excellent choice, also built with ORKA's customary strong layup, with 10cm of length and infinite feather adjustment.

ORKA Paddles are retailing for $390, and are in stock. You can order freight-free through our ONLINE STORE.


  1. Mark - Annie has been using her Orka Flex now for over a year and is the paddle she used in her Class record breaking win in the Hawkesbury Classic last year. Beautifully built and probably a little bit stronger (and marginally heavier) than most other contemporary "wings". It is her paddle of choice over her Epic mid wing and her Maxpaddle M3. Excellent value for money.

  2. Thanks Owen, I agree about their robustness. We're looking forward to giving our demo ORKA's a go over the coming winter (fast) paddling season.


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