Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Cruising in the Carbonology Cruze

We've had our demo Carbonology Cruz now for a couple of months, including it in our range of skis because of it's superbly reassuring stability for new paddlers, relatively light weight for value, and nimbleness in surf & little runners.

South African made skis seem to have an innate ability to surf, and although the sheer hydrostatics mean it's never going to be a straight-out flat water speedster, the Cruz is nonetheless an absolute hoot in the waves. On the run in the video above we had a gusty 20kn tailwind, waves shoulder high at times & were skipping along at 15kmh without breaking a sweat.

We have stock of the Cruze on hand, and a demo to try, in both the $3300 (14.5kg) and $3800 (12.5kg) layup. This surfski is a brilliant option for a newcomer to the sport, or anyone struggling with the anxiety of handling a ski in rough water. Even as a second ski, that rock solid one you can take anywhere, get out on really challenging paddles & enjoy the experience, rather than just hold on & hope it's all over soon, this great little boat is a winner.

Get in touch to book a test paddle.

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