Monday, 14 February 2011

Time for a change…..

It's time for a change. I've put my trusty Aquanaut on the market for $2500. It has a few cosmetic scratches & bumps as you would expect from a boat that has been used in all sorts of sea conditions over the past 3 years. It's a full carbon kevlar layup, complete with a foot pump, which would have been a $5500 kayak had it been for sale new to the general public. Valley built it for me, to my specs, it weighs about 22kg & is one strong unit. It's the first Valley boat I've owned & even as late as last Wednesday out paddling with Rob & Axel I was having sellers remorse as I bounced around in the brilliant rough water off Blue Fish Point!
You can read my thoughts on the Aquanaut HERE.
Not quite sure what I'll be paddling next, but with some very exciting new designs due in between now & Autumn I'll be joining the ranks of demo paddlers looking for the perfect boat. At this stage I'm thinking Etain, Zegul 520 or Taran, but they're all so different it's a bit bewildering. Now I know how our customers feel!
Drop me a line if you're interested in buying the Aquanaut from me - note it's a personal sale & not associated with EK in any way.

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