Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shetland Bus Expedition

Another fantastic expedition starts Friday, when Mick Berwick, Olly Hicks & Patrick Winterton attempt to emulate the Norweigan fisherman who operated the fabled 'Shetland Bus' route throughout WWII. The guys are attempting to paddle the 388km between Scotland & Norway, with three no doubt very cold & uncomfortable nights spent out at sea in the process. 
Our mates at Reed Chillcheater have made the team a cockpit tent each (below) which should protect them from the elements when they raft up for a kip. It makes me glad that we're in nearly-tropical Queensland on our expedition, as I contemplate a night out in the deep dark cold North Sea.
As he has for our North Reef trip, our very own Mick MacRobb  from Flat Earth Sails has outfitted them with his brilliant sails.
They're raising money for the local life boat service that does such a great job in the UK, & have a site set up with all of the info on their trip & a donation box HERE.
We wish the guys well on this epic trip.

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