Monday, 17 October 2011

Tuning up the Rolls

I snatched an hour last week to take the 'T' down to Sandringham Beach & try to tune up my rolls. I recordered the session on my camera, essentially to try to spot any technical problems, but the murky water & late arvo light knocked that idea on the head.
In my limited experience, the backwards finishing rolls seem to be all about how flexible you are, whereas the forward finishing rolls require rather a bit more finesse & intuition. They're awesome when you get 'em right, you rise up almost as though someone else is doing it for you, very cool.
I had a crack at the half-paddle rolls that Rob was doing so effortlessly HERE, and that's another one in the 'work-in-progress' basket.
Regardless, never having been one to be afraid of going through the 'a bit hopeless' phase when learning a new set of skills, here's the highlights & a few lowlights of the session set to the groovy tunes of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.
Now that's a mob to aspire to belong to, once I can get the hang of this Greenland rolling bizzo.


  1. Mark, to me it looks like you are getting better at G rolling. From my extremely limited experience I could say that maybe you could slow down now and roll with less speed to truly feel the boat turn underneath you before you surface?

  2. Yeah right, Mr 'Gee it's-cold-here-the-water-got-down-to-27-degrees-celsius-yesterday'! That water is cold brother! If I slowed it down I'd risk remaining under in suspended animation! Tassie dudes feel free to give it to me, everyone else does…
    Thanks mate, seriously all advice is welcome & appreciated, how about giving me some tips at Tallebudgera on Friday…?


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