Monday, 28 November 2011

The Balanced Boater: Lesson on a stick..

Rob has just written a beautiful blog on paddles.
I think it very succinctly points out the folly of the strange & bizarrely evangelical fundamentalism that some people out there in blog world attach to their particular paddle choices.


  1. I've attracted some very aggressive attention over this little wind up folks, as I suspected I might. Just for the dummies who read what I write and think for a moment I'm anything but taking the p*ss at least half the time, the point of this terrific post by Rob was to highlight how all paddles are good in their own way, a point I'm on the record making so many times it's gotten boring. If this offends you, well, you're probably a bit precious. Actually you're definitely very precious......
    Peace love & mung beans,

  2. wing/euro/gp
    High angle/Low angle
    So much passion.
    So much energy.
    So much entertainment :)

  3. Oh John you precious petal! Keep on rock gardening with that mid wing mate, I'll make an elitist out of you yet!


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