Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Epic Toys….

Rob & Mark in their new Epic V10's
We have been a dealer for Epic Kayaks now for nearly three years, doing our bit to bridge the gap between sea kayakers and ski paddlers. We think we've had reasonable success at uniting these 'ne'er the twain shall meet' cultures, if you gauge the number of surf skis now among the quivers of our salty paddling mates, and the growing number of ski paddlers now getting very interested in the fast touring sea kayaks.
Epic have recently re-released the V10, their elite ocean racing ski, tweaking the design to create a ski that is considerably more stable than it's previous incarnation, and also slightly faster. It's not hype either, this ski is one of the most exciting watercraft I've paddled, a brilliant rough water design.
I have been in my new V10 now for a couple of months, getting used to the way it performs in a whole range of different conditions, and I'm rapt.
Unable to resist my tales of long effortless ocean runners, Rob has also relented & yesterday took delivery of his own brand new V10 in the light Ultra layup.
We took it straight out off the Spit for a test run, and I don't think it will be long before Rob is as proficient on this elite ski as he is on most everything else.
It wasn't the only nice surprise from the innovators at Epic through, with the re-designed V8 now back in stock, to partner the intermediate V10 Sport which up to now has been my craft of choice.

Epic have also released a very tidy set of kayak cradles, designed in concert with Rhino to make transporting kayaks & skis safer & simpler to set up. The Cradles come with four Epic tie-downs and fit to most railed cross bars. They're excellent value at $169, available freight-free through our online store.

We now have stock of the V10, nicknamed the "Hen's Teeth" up to now, as well as the new V8 and the V10 Sport.
We also continue to promote and sell the Epic 18X, the boat I used on last year's 117km One Degree South paddle and a an excellent expedition and fitness hybrid design, which to some extent was the trailblazer to the range of fast touring boats that are now becoming so popular.
If you'd like to test paddle any of the kayaks & skis in the Epic range please give us a shout, we're always happy for an excuse to get out on the sea in these brilliant designs.

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