Friday, 2 May 2014

What the Cold Paddlers Are Wearing.....

The Peak UK Tourlite Hoody Paddle Jacket - $189.00
Tomorrow marks Sydney's first day of proper cold weather (...he says imagining a loud snigger down the ethernet cable from our Tasmanian canoeist mates...), as the temps plunge down to 15C & a bitter westerly wind makes it feel a heck of a lot colder.

Almost on queue, we have had a gaggle of queries about cold weather paddling gear, and these two new additions to our online store certainly add to the armoury we have available through our online store.

Having tested the Peak UK Tourlite Shorty Jacket over the past couple of months, we decided it was so good we would also bring in the full blown Tourlite Hoodie. It's a practical paddling jacket for our climate, made from a X2.5 lightweight recycled polyester with 10m waterproofing, featuring Aqua-out waist and wrist seal.

This jacket has an articulated cut with bent elbows, a zip opening neck and large fully adjustable hood, and an easy access right hand side zip pocket. Another of the new generation Peak UK paddle garments released in early 2014.
NRS Men's H2Core Expedition Shirt - $99.00
The second cold weather addition is a complimentary one, the NRS Men's H2Core Expedition ShirtDesigned as a thermal base layer, using advanced H2Core fabrics to deliver maximal warmth without limiting your movements, while gasket-friendly cuffs and friction-free seams provide unmatched comfort underneath outer jackets and cags. 

Micro-fleece filaments efficiently wick moisture away from the skin, and the durable, smooth exterior resists pilling and abrasion. H2Core Lightweight fabric under the arms creates friction-free zones for comfortable paddling while improving ventilation where you need it most. It's cut in a semi-form fit for athletic comfort and easy layering over the top.

Both the Peak UK Tourlite Hoodie & the NRS Men's H2Core Expedition Shirt are available now through our ONLINE STORE.

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