Thursday, 8 January 2009

Riding the Nor'easter

Sydney sweltered yesterday with temperatures in the high 30's, and the BOM forecast was predicting our saviour sea breeze to come in early & reach 25 knots. On a slow work day - you've gotta love the first couple of weeks of January when everyone is still pretty relaxed, even in a big town like Sydney - we decided to do a car shuffle from Watson's Bay to La Perouse & have a bit of a blast down the coast. The predicted wind & a sea rising to 2.5m would have made for a pretty exhilarating run down the 20km of open coast between Sydney Harbour & Botany Bay, but alas the Bureau got it wrong & the strongest gusts we had to push us along were only about 20 knots. The remnants of a good southerly blow from the night before made the sea state a bit confused, further hampering the 'perfect wave' we had envisaged, but we nonetheless had a great time on a dramatic looking afternoon, bustling past the millions of dollars of prime real estate that line Sydney's Eastern Suburbs cliffs.

Rob & I were were both in our Aquanauts, which are complete bliss on this sort of half surfing, borderline technical paddling trip. We made pretty good time - South Head to Cape Banks in a little less than 2 hours, and both soaked up the opportunity to go out on the open sea & enjoy the brilliant conditions.
A thousand thank you's to Sharon for driving us to Watto's Bay & then picking up Rob at the end of the paddle so I didn't have to drive him home....


  1. You guys have a great job, where can I find a job like that?

    Brian McCarthy

  2. Very hard work Brian, dededicated testing, research & development.....


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