Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Atlantic II Double

We'll be landing a couple of the excellent Atlantic II double sea kayaks in our next shipment due in April. The Atlantic II is rather a unique boat in the limited market for seaworthy doubles in Australia, in that it retains much of the user-friendly characteristics of the Atlantic single, while still providing a reasonably quick ride with good carrying capacity. The feature of all of the good British designed doubles is their effectiveness when things get rough, however in the Atlantic II, North Shore have managed to come up with a kayak that deals with the 'skill imbalance' which is a reasonably common feature of double paddling partners. It achieves this by reducing length - at 20 feet long (6 metres) it's eminently handlable by a single skilled paddler, while a beam of just 65cm (only marginally wider than some of the single production kayaks on the market) keeps the boat moving long at a good cruising pace. Those who have seen the North Shore boats since they landed earlier this month have all commented on the amazing finish of the aerospace vacuum bagged layup, and this cutting edge manufacturing process will keep the Atlantic II reasonably light, tipping the scales around 30kg.
We'll have a demo boat for interested paddlers in the April shipment - contact us to arrange a test paddle.

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