Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Selk Bags - bring out the Yeti in you.....

Considering the country is currently baking in a record heat wave, it's probably not the timeliest of posts about a product I'm trying to sell, but this thing is so much fun I figure I need to get it off my sweaty chest...!
A couple of years ago at a trade fair in the US I wound up at an ungodly hour in a bar with a Chilean dude who was telling me about his brand new product. It was a sleeping bag that allowed you to sleep any which way you wanted, go for a midnight pee without sacrificing too much of your hard earned core warmth, and sit around the camp site at night in your warmest PJ's, without having to pack an extra night time, campfire jacket. I thought it sounded pretty cool, especially after a dozen Budweisers, and went & checked out his display the next day. I bought one off him & have been using it ever since, on those rare & precious occasions these days when I get to camp. This summer that's only been in the backyard in my high tech mountain tent, with my 4 year old daughter & Finding Nemo or the Bee Movie on the mini DVD player....
Suffice to say, it's an awesome product. I love my super warm down sleeping bag, but I hate the fact that it's too damn warm for anything except really cold nights in my climes, & I've always felt restricted by the mummy shape. The Selk bag lets be spread-eagle myself on the tent floor, just like I'm do when I sleep in my own bed, wriggle around without getting twisted, run outside for a pee, and like the blurb says, sit in my sleeping bag with full & warm movement, while enjoying the campfire bonhomie.
We've managed to get a few into stock for you to buy & test out, in a more sensible Aussie warmth rating - I reckon they're something of a revolution in sleeping bag technology. Order them through our online store for $219 including national overnight delivery.

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