Thursday, 13 June 2013

John, Sharon & Rob do Broughton Island

Rob has written this brief summary of his trip out to Broughton Island last weekend with Sharon & John.

Standing at the lookout above Fingal Bay we still couldnt see any evidence of the Northerly headwind that was forecast to blow all day at around 15-20knots. A fat 2 meter swell was breaking across the Fingal Spit "zipper style", but in deep water there was only an occasional ruffle on an otherwise glassy sea. In the distance Broughton island faded in and out of focus in a light mist.

After rounding Yacaaba we cruised north waiting for the stronger headwind to arrive, but it never happened. 
Our Campsite offered stunning views across the cove but our first mild starlit night gradually gave way to a fierce south easterly wind and pouring rain,  In the  morning the very versatile John set up the tarp as a shelter just in time for a lazy hot breakfast and espresso coffee and we were all so glad to be there with another day up our sleeve that the dramatic shift in weather did nothing to dampen our spirits. 

Managing expectations is often the biggest challenge when heading out to Broughton Island.  In the local scene everyone knows "Broughton" is home to: huge sharks, prolific whale sightings, great camping, beautiful walks through coastal heath with stunning vistas at every corner, abundant fish life hiding in the rock gardens, a heavily indented coastline inviting exploration and of course, the thrill of arriving there by kayak with the Iconic Looking Glass Rock and Little Broughton Island guarding the entrance to the refuge of Esmerelda Cove.
So as we enjoyed our cosy retreat amidst the conditions with the tarp slapping and straining, I wondered how many of the Island's many treats we would enjoy during the rest of our visit.
The  video above answers most of my questions, but we left out the capture and consumption of several delicious fish and gratefully did not have to tick the box for huge sharks. It also empasises the extra effort required to manouvre fully loaded boats in tight spaces!

Rob Mercer.

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