Friday, 28 June 2013

Smashing it Up on the Bar

Yesterday's forecast promised 2-4m dead easterly swell pulsing between 10-12 seconds, big & strong enough to get right into our favourite bar break & produce some fat & rideable waves, on the outgoing tide.
Mark H, Matty, Rob & myself met at Wally's & paddled across to the normal take off, only to find it too full & fast for us to ride.
We spotted whitewater off towards Bonnievale Beach & swung across onto a stupendous steep wave. The tide was running out so hard with the combination of springs & some serious rainfall into the river that even our screaming rides were only registering 10kmh on the GPS, probably the closest thing we'll ever get around Sydney to a tidal race.
For about half an hour the steep impressive faces gave us lovely clean waves to carve around on, and then moments after I declared them loudly to be 'big powder puffs' they started to hit us a bit harder.
That's when the fun started…
Here's a great sequence of Rob outgunning a nice wave, you can see his 'Petrel Cam' persepctive in the video above.

Cracked it 
 Bottom turn


  1. Damit, You are taunting me with your weekday fun; well I had a just a splendid time at work! (I am going to cry now)

  2. Bummer Josh, it was the day of the season so far....!


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