Tuesday, 5 April 2016

New Valley & North Shore Models, and the return of the Rockpool Taran

Our next shipment from the UK leaves in three weeks, due here in Sydney around the end of June.

Good news for Taran fans, there are two of them left in the next shipment so far unclaimed, and if you'd like one you have a week to get in touch with your custom colour ways, if you'd like your own Taran, made the way you want it. Better news is that the dollar has stabilised against the Sterling, and we have brought the price of a new Taran down to a less frightening $5290. That's actually a better price than you'd buy one for in the northern hemisphere, and not an offer likely to be repeated anytime soon. Deadline for a custom make is April 12, after that the two coming into the country will be a in colour we like!
The rumblings about the Ocean 17 from NorthShore from north of the equator have also forced our hand, with paddling mates describing it as a big gear carrier with lively sea performance, not quite as engaging as a the old Nordkapp but faster and more interesting to paddle than some of the middle-of-the-road touring skeg boats from previous years.
There will be a few Ocean 17's in the shipment, along with new stock of the North Shore Atlantic & Atlantic LV in rotomould, always popular designs.

We also have the new Valley Sirona coming in two different sizes, those who've tried our demo model will be pleased to know there is now a smaller version, and also a plastic too.

On the downside, the Nordkapp LV and Avocet LV are now no longer. We have one single Nordkapp LV left in stock, red with a black seam and white hull, once it's gone you'll only ever be able to get your hands on one second hand. Sadly, the Avocet LV, in our opinion the best small person's sea kayak ever built, is also finished in production. We've snaffled the final two to come out of the mould, so again if you've been pontificating about this cult, niche kayak for the under 60kg brigade, get in fast.

We've also got the Nordkapp Forti back into Australia, after our first six, including our demo, were snapped up in no time. Feedback from the guys paddling them around the country is very positive, the lovely lines of the previous Nordkapps but a lot more user friendly, and with a little more capacity for expeditioning than the previous model. The previous incarnation, the Jubilee, is now also no more.

A full summary of the colours and models we have remaining from this June container will be up on our website shortly, under the Kayak Prices & Stock page.

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