Friday 27 April 2018

Video - Bass Strait by Sea Kayak

In March this year I was fortunate to be able to join Gary Forrest, Rob Mercer, Bob Turner & Andrew Trickett on a crossing of Eastern Bass Strait. All up we covered 329km, in just on 45 hours of paddling, spread over 8 days, with 7 days off the water for what at times was apocalyptic weather.

In assembling the video, we used hand held waterproof point & shoot camera for the on-water shots, GoPro's mounted on customised mounts for the POV video, and a DJI Spark drone for the spectacular aerial footage.

We were trying to portray the water & islands of Bass Strait in a way that offered an original view of the place, as well as capturing the great time we had as a team.

It really was one of the most enjoyable couple of weeks with mates that you could possibly imagine.

Rob is writing a report of the trip at the moment, which will be posted here once it's been published in Ocean Paddler Magazine, but for now here is the video we made of the journey.

Hope you enjoy it!

**there is a also a full image gallery HERE.

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