Sunday 14 December 2008

The Rapier 20 - First Impressions

Roger Boardman putting the Rapier 20 through it's paces.
Rob brought his shiny Rapier 20 down to our demo day at Ramsgate Beach yesterday, so I took the opportunity to take it for a bit of a spin, seeing as I've got my own one arriving in a couple of weeks. It's is definitely something out of the box, 20 feet long, 42cm wide, very aptly named considering it looks as close to a deadly weapon as you could imagine a kayak looking, and fast. The initial stability was a concern for me, with no background whatsoever in surf ski paddling, and everyone considering the Rapier 20 to be akin to a surf ski with a deck. Where it differs greatly from a surf ski however, is in the chine profile, which offers a reasonable amount of secondary stability. We're not talking eat your sandwich while taking a photo & sending a text message secondary stability here, but for something capable of the speed the Rapier 20 manages, it's pretty good. The close catch is something a sea kayaker would need a bit of time & adjustment to get used to, as you really do feel like you're planting your blade on top of your feet, but the response when you get your stroke right is something else. This thing absolutely flies........
I realise now that I am going to have to be a bit more dedicated to this kayak than just about anything else I've paddled, but what's life without a challenge. The idea of riding some big ocean swells out at sea in the Rapier is the gold at the end of the rainbow.........


  1. sounds all when do i get a crack at one Mr S??!! I'll give you my personal comparison with my Red 7 ski. C U on the water mate. Mark schroeder

  2. Mark, knowing how much you like to go fast, I would strongly advise you NOT to test paddle this kayak, unless you've got a bit of spare cash lying around....
    With your ski background you'd probably find it pretty solid on the water & in bumpier stuff it blitzes ski paddlers who are diverting a lot of energy into keeping upright.
    That said, if you want a test paddle, just let me know where & when, but don't say I haven't warned you!


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