Tuesday 25 August 2009

The Rockpool GT

After more than 3 weeks, including 10 full days on the water in a big variety of conditions, empty & loaded, we're finally able to pass judgement on this most eagerly awaited design from Rockpool Kayaks. I have only had a short blast in the boat & found it to be something completely different to anything else I've paddled, in the sea kayak genre. The perceived similarities people have thrown at me from a photo or even a glance at of the design are way off the mark in general, & in the GT I really do find a design that is capable of just about everything. My limited time in the boat precludes me from making a detailed assessment, however Rob has given our demo GT a hammering. The results of his exhaustive testing are now up in a comprehensive review which you can see by clicking HERE.

1 comment:

  1. A really useful and detailed review. Thanks. Makes me even more confident that I made the right decision in ordering one last week!

    I obviously didn't get to paddle the demo boat as much as Rob Mercer but agree re the speed of the boat. It got up to speed quickly and easily.

    Stability was very good. I was surprised when I looked down to note that the boat seems quite narrow but feels as satble as many wider boats.

    Playing on small surf near the bar at Bundeena I found it caught the waves easily and didn't exhibit bad manners. I also experienced some pounding heading back out into the waves but note Rob's comments on minimising it.

    Although I haven't paddled much recently I rolled it easily.

    The front day hatch seems very useful. The flexibility in adjusting the boat to fit you was also evident.

    Finish was superb.

    Roll on November so I can start paddling it.


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