Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Kavu - now available in Australia through the EK Store

We're happy to announce yet another big overseas gear brand with a great track record in paddlesports, the great Kavu range from Seattle.
I've long been a wearer & trasher of Kavu hats & visors, making sure to pick a couple up whenever I've found myself in a country where there is a stockist, and they are superb paddlewear. In our quest to get sea kayakers looking a bit less last century, they're also pretty cool, in a 'just had a surf, about to go climb a crag' kind of way.
We have the Paddling Chillba Hat, a shape-shifting lightweight nylon hat with a good broad wire reinforced brim (no blow-ups in a headwind), & a chinstrap which allows you to cinch right down if things get gnarly.
Kavu have also come up with a great range of water glasses, and we're stocking the ultra chic, super practical Perma-Grin sunnies, polarized for glare & styled to impress.
To top it off, & because it's my personal favourite piece of kit, we're also stocking the iconic Kavu Visor. Made from tough canvas with a great adjustable band which keeps it on your head during the worst trashing, and a great travel companion for lightweight adventures. It's a great triumph of fashion over practicality, but I love mine...! The whole range is available on our online store, at 'matched to the American stores' prices.

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