Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Beau Miles - Africa by Kayak

We had the pleasure of seeing Beau Miles present his amazing film, Africa by Kayak, at this year's Rock & Roll weekend. 
Beau is one of those 'make it happen' adventurers who manage to turn a dream into an expedition, a bit of a character with a very honest approach to his exploits.
In 2007, Australian Beau attempted to paddle a sea kayak from one side of Africa to the other. Hand in hand as filmmaking and expedition project, a state-of-the-art, HD camera was mounted to the bow of his 15 foot kayak. The journey would follow the coastline for over 4000 kilometers, through 3 diverse, often volatile countries. Mostly solo and unsupported, Beau had allowed five months. That was the plan.
Malaria, cyclonic weather, massive swell, freak waves, enigmatic locals and constant corruption, is back dropped with typical adventure, hardship and reward. All on film, it returns to the basics of expedition travel and shows that true, modern day adventures are still out there.  

As a paddler, the idea of 30 days paddling a remote coastline with vertebrae crushing surf, a big landing & launch at every sunset & sunrise is about the most committing thing I can imagine. I remarked to Beau after the film that it was the sort of trip you'd only do in your 20's! Add to that the logistical nightmare of negotiating his Australis Kayak through corrupt customs, visas which expired before countries coastlines were finished, and the terrible impact the disappearance of Andrew McAuley had on Beau, happening as it did during a tough period of his own trip, and you have a combination of big water surf survival & raw emotions.

Dates are below, and the show features not just an awesome adventure film, but live music as the soundtrack from the Animators. Get along if you can, it's one hell of a story.

Melbourne: Saturday May 15 
7pm at The Thornbury Theatre

Sydney: Friday May 21 
7pm at The Australian National Maritime Museum

Brisbane: Wednesday May 26th 
7pm at The Powerhouse Theatre

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  1. beau miles is the man ive known him for a few years and all his work is quality


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