Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Video - Surf & Lumps Around Sydney

If you've been reading the last few blog posts, you'll know that Sydney has recently had some great varied weather, which has produced some exciting sea states.
Occasionally a coded entry on the surf websites alerts us to the possibility of the Bundeena Bar working. This is a sandy bar about two & a half kilometres in from the heads of Port Hacking, which in long enough period swell, with the right direction to it, on the right tide, can generate stupendous long rides for sea kayaks. If you're thinking 'that doesn't sound like it happens very often', well you're right....
Rob was out on the bar on the weekend & caught a few short videos of some rides on a day when the moons aligned.
You can see the results on the video above, with another clutch of images from a sea paddle last week where the wind driven sea was steep & fun.


  1. Know it well :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxMLuTrBdPw

  2. For a moment I thought it was myself (minus the beard) in that yellow decked kayak :-)
    Ah, then I noticed that I did not have my Aleut paddle....
    Wishing I was that good with my paddling strokes.
    Beautiful video Mark.

  3. Nice video Nathan, could have been taken on the same day....
    Gnarly, your strokes ain't that bad brother, I watch your vids & pick out the good things..!


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