Friday 11 March 2011

Tuesday Night Paddle from the Deck

Here's a short video Rob shot from his Lumix FT10, mounted on the Ram Locking Camera Mount, set on the the deck of the Rockpool Taran. It shows his Tuesday night crew rounding North Head, and features some nice footage he captured while paddling backwards, of Wendy Stevenson & Shaan Gresser. These guys are good, note their terrific rotation & assured boat handling in the steep little meter or so seas, great to watch. I guess you'd expect Shaan to be in decent nick after just becoming the first woman to cross Bass Strait solo, here she shows a little of the poise & form that propelled her across to Tassie.


  1. Nicely mounted camera. The lower you bring it to the water the "bumpier" it looks.
    The narrower the angle of view (TS10 lens has a much narrower angle than a GoPro) the bigger the waves will look. Combine the two and bingo, you got the "big sea" showing.
    Told you :-)

  2. Yes mate, that's why I ask you! Now to get you out around our cliffs one arvo so you can get some really good sea footage.....

  3. Mark, looking at the pictures of you guys around those cliffs scares me. I am used too much to calm conditions. I don't think I would cut it in your backyard.

  4. I'm sure you're wrong, your skills in moving water would be well up to it. The offer is open!

  5. This was so beautiful and almost moved me to joyful tears. Great music choice. Who is the musician and what's the name of the piece being played. I'm gonna play it one more time and go to bed with that in my head.

  6. Jeez Tom, glad to hear you like the tunes...! It's 'Black the Sun' by Alex Lloyd, a nice song from a few years back. You can find it on iTunes through the search box.


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