Monday 4 July 2011

North Water Products available from EK

We have been testing a small range of products from the excellent North American safety & rescue specialists, NorthWater in recent weeks.
 Of most interest to us is their Sea Tec Tow System, something that offers a similar level of functionality to the Valley Deck Mount System, but in a smaller & more versatile package. We're pleased to report that it performs well in the helter skelter of a tow at sea, & we're happy to put our stamp of approval on it for local paddlers.
Our stock has arrived & is now available through our online store, there is a fantastic explanation of the system does HERE.
We've also got some of the super cool Paddle Britches, a practical & quirky storage system for your spare paddle.
Last but not least, at least to start with, is the North Water Coiled Paddle Leash. It's a robust & beautifully finished piece of kit, for keeping your paddle tethered securely.

You can order all three products through our online store, for immediate delivery nationally, freight free.


  1. Hi Mark,
    I have had the Northwater Tow belt for 3 or 4 years now and it is a good product. But Jeff Allen's Throwtow is a superior product through its versatility. Worth a look.

  2. G'day Geoff,
    We've been trialling both Jeffs throw tow and the Sea Tec side by side. They each have their strengths and weaknesses like most tow systems. We will have Jeff's throw tow in stock as well as soon as he sorts out manufacture.

  3. Good stuff :-)I actually use the Quick Release Rescue Tow Line as I preferred the addition of the brass hook to shorten length easily on the water. Lyn has the Sea Tec which has markedly higher quality rope and fittings.


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