Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Freya Chases Down Continent No2

The amazing Freya Hoffmeister begins her quest to circumnavigate another continent tomorrow, when her South American odyssey begins. 
The scope of her circumnavigation of Australia is mindblowing, but somewhere as exotic as South America, with it's political variances & wildlife, is something I find very intimidating. Then again I suppose sharks, big surf & crocs are something we're more familiar with here in Australia & so they hold fewer fears of the unknown. Meeting a Shining Path guerrilla would probably be a far friendlier experience than landing on Bondi & having Tony Abbot accost you in his smugglers...…
You can follow her journey once again through her Qajaqunderground Blog. Best of luck Freya, we'll be following your adventures.
If anyone can do it, Freya can, she is one determined woman.

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