Monday 19 December 2011

Merry Xmas & Thanks.

Another year has ticked by, and our little business has reached it's fifth summer. In a competitive market we continue to be humbled by the lovely support we receive from you our customers, paddling peers and friends. It's reached the point now where it can't really get any bigger without turning into something different - rest assured we're not planning on turning into something different.
Our message continues to be a simple one, that this sport of sea kayaking is one you can get a huge amount of satisfaction from if you are prepared to pay due respect to the sea, & work on your skills.
Although we obviously sell gear & boats, as Napoleon Dynamite says, they're long secondary to the acquisition of skills, which are really what it's all about.
Thanks again to everyone with whom we've come into contact this year, we appreciate every single call & inquiry, and hope to spend even more time on the water in 2012 at various events around the country meeting our paddling buddies.
Have a safe & happy Xmas & enjoy your New Year celebrations.
Mark & Rob (we might be dodgy paddlers, but man have we got some moves…..)


  1. Ha, not a logo in sight - and I've just watched this, having spent time in front of the mirror aligning the EK logo on my bandana whilst sitting in Hospital! - what a crazy world we live in, however I can blame it on 'Chemo brain' Sorry to have missed this at Xmas - hope you had a good 'un & here is to a happy, HEALTHY and fulfilling 2012. Have a drink for me on NYE - my birthday!!

  2. Will do Al, finding your blog very inspiring. Hope you had a good Chrissy with the family, more power to you.

  3. Bahahaha - too funny! If I could fold up Rob and put him in my pocket I would. He makes such an adorable elf.


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