Sunday 8 January 2012


I've just switched the electronics back on after a brief sojourn into the blissful unconnected world of the NSW South Coast to find that we have changed from Expedition Kayaks into Extradition Scamacts! 
It appears my blogger password and proxy settings have been hacked and put to mischief.
One of my best mates runs the fraud section of a major credit card business, & he says its a malicious attack, an actual person out to do some harm, not some spambot infecting and churning out scripts, suffice to say its fixed.
To the guy who did it, well a few cross checks are underway and we'll shortly have a very good idea of who you are, even if we won't be able to prove it. Luckily over the years there have been precious few negatives in our business, certainly compared to the cut throat industry in which my primary business operates. I'm flattered that someone could go to this amount of skulduggery to cause problems, apparently you'd really need to know your stuff to pull it off.
To Mr Dickhead Hacker Dude, the password is no longer monkeyturd69. I've learnt my lesson on web security, having treated it much like my car, which I never lock!
Apologies if you've received a weird email from me, please let me know if anything strange has come in from my direction.
Thanks to Dredgy & Pete for raising the alarm, only just picked up your SMS & emails, much appreciated.


  1. Damn Mark,

    and I really thought you'd diversified into iPhones (all those useful tide and navigation apps) and Viagra (just the thing for jury rigging a sail in an emergency). :)

    Hope there was no damage beyond the annoyance factor. Perhaps there's a market for a new game for the great outdoors, hackersack.

  2. Actually, we have a new paddle leash which is seriously amazing, we'll soon be selling them for $749, which does indeed include a free iPad.


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