Thursday 12 April 2012

New Stuff…...

We've updated our store range recently with a few products that we think will either appeal to your sense of fashion on the water, or will make things safer.
Here's a summary….
The Kavu Paddlers Chillba Hat is now available in a few, umm, unique colours & patterns. We've also dropped the price to $29.95, so even it sucks when you get it, at least it wasn't an expensive fashion mistake. I swear by these hats, have used them on every long day at sea for the past few years as they're cool in the heat, & can be cinched down tight when it's cold or the wind is blowing. They're still available in the plain colours too, if you're a boring bast*rd….
The Kavu Synthetic Strap Cap
We've got two new colours in the Kavu Synthetic Strap Cap. Negligible sun protection in the context of  paddling, but way cool apres paddle if you're looking for a bit of 'outdoors cred'. Like the Chillba, it's a very reasonable $29.95
The Kavu Nor'Wester Hat
The Kavu Nor' Wester hat is a polarising design. 88% of the population think it's appalling, almost a criminally unfashionable accessory which shouldn't even be seen among the often bizarre world of kayaking apparel, while the remaining 12% can see it's innate practicality, stiff brim, extended neck protection, hardy nylon construction etc etc. Never let it be said that here at Expedition Kayaks we don't cater to niches. The Nor' Wester is $19.95, available in navy & blue.
North Water Front Deck Tow
We've been testing this compact emergency tow from North Water, which they have designed as a PFD towline. While we're definitely not fans of the concept of a tow from a PFD for sea kayaking, we have been interested in using this tow from the front of the boat. It has a short shock cord tether for contact tows, as well as 15 feet of extension line for a backwards tow from a tricky spot like a rock garden. North Water explain their design concept HERE. We're describing it as a Front Deck Towline to discourage use from a PFD for sea kayakers, who are obviously our target (as opposed to the whitewater guys who can do as they please with it…), and they're now in stock, available for $95.


  1. I second your thoughts on the Kavu Paddlers Chillba Hat Mark, its great! Even in plain olive I like to think it reather fetching!!

  2. You are so wrong about the Nor' Wester. What is even wronger is the absence of a good Sou' Wester.

  3. Is that a 'niche nibble....'? In my opinion, here in Sydney, all westerlies are potentially very dangerous for paddlers.


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