Tuesday 31 July 2012

Chasing the Winter Swells

It's been blowing hard from the frigid south here in Sydney since Sunday, and a nice swell has built over the days, fat & fast, our typical long period southerly pattern.
Sean got in touch yesterday for a test paddle in the V10S, after finding his elite ski a handful in rough water, & was keen to find out what the Sport did in big confused conditions. What better way to find out how a boat handles this stuff than to get out amongst it, so on a bleak, windy & bloody cold morning we met down to La Perouse to take the V10S out for a spin.
We paddled east into some lovely big rollers that looked way too fast to catch, with a SSW wind blowing a sea onto our beams. Pretty gnarly, confused & horrible really…!
Things seemed to tidy up as we turned & headed back, and I managed a couple of nice runners, if you don't mind copping a few thumps as you speed along.

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