Friday 26 October 2012

Set for the Long Haul

The Hawkesbury Classic has arrived. Tomorrow I'll take to the water with just on 500 paddlers and attempt to paddle the 111km course from Windsor to Brooklyn.

If you're looking for some wallpaper-like entertainment through the night on Saturday, you can follow my trace through my Spot track which which be live on THIS URL from about 1630 on Saturday arvo. It updates my position every 10 minutes, so should give you some idea of how fast (or slow) I'm going.

I feel like my training in the Pace 18 has prepared me well for the event, and look forward to having a good go at recording a good time, hopefully considerably faster than I've done it in the past. I have mapped out the course on my GPS, devised a plan for the tides and my own hydration & nutrition and can't think of much else I could have done to get into shape. I reckon preparing for these big goals is way more than half the fun of actually going in themThere is a nice fellowship among paddlers in this event, and I've had many conversations with aspirants over the past month or so swapping tactics, strategies and advice. As a non-racer and only occasional flat water paddler I've appreciated some of these gems. 

Thanks so much to the generous souls who have sponsored my paddle, I'm a little humbled that the total amount to be contributed to the Arrow Foundation will exceed $1000. Thanks to Ricky, Pete, Simon, Birger, Toni, Greg, Robyn, Mary-Jane, the Tiderace guys, Dave, Simon, Dunny, Dianne, Claire, Merril, Danielle, Dino, David, Steve, Chris, my own guys at Talisman and of course my celebrity All Black Buncey. It's not too late to sponsor me, think of it as a small investment in my pain & suffering. You can do so though THIS LINK

Thanks also to my Mum Suzanne who will be crewing for me. If you see her out during the night say G'day, she's a character, my Mum.

Best of luck to all the hardy folks giving the Classic a crack tomorrow.

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