Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Think PFD, minimalist comfort & functionality

In our search to accommodate the 'Not PFD' crowd, those who begrudgingly acknowledge the need for a PFD at the very least to enter races, but are desperate for a design that is so minimalist as to feel as though it's almost not there, we've had several different products cross our virtual storefront.
The most recent & by far most successful, the NRS Ninja PFD, won't be available in 2014 while we wrangle ourt way through a compliance issue with the US Coast Guard rules & their synchronisation with our own maritime laws.

Asking around the recent Myall Classic race, there was a lot of noise about the Think PFD. This jacket is designed by ski paddlers, to meet local race rule requirements, but also providing the the sort of ventilation & light weight that competitors not particularly enamoured of PFD's demand.

It's a terrific surf ski or adventure racing PFD, with plenty of flotation & support for an unplanned swim, but the lowest, most unobtrusive profile of any PFD we've used. It features an organiser system for hydration tubes, a pair of mesh pockets, and a central neoprene pouch for a 650ml waterbottle or radio etc. The Think PFD has an adjustable harness to ensure perfect fit. 
Size S/M fits a chest size 33'-40", size L/XL fits 38" - 46".
They're now available in our ONLINE STORE for $159.


  1. Are you going to take the black Texta to the Think logo ? ;)

  2. No, in fact you might be surprised to know who has been out road testing the Think EZE this week with a huuuge smile on her dial.

  3. Stop teasing! Who? or at least a clue.

  4. She's kind of small, but she's suddenly going very fast.


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