Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Peak UK Lands This Week

We land our first shipment of the Peak UK range of touring paddle gear early next week, the first big brand we've brought back from our trip to the PaddleExpo event at Nuremberg earlier this month.
We were keen to add a premium brand of paddling gear to complement the Reed Chillcheater & NRS range we have successfully sold now for several years, and every time we asked a reputable paddler or retailer at the show who we should be looking at, we kept hearing 'Peak UK'.
Meeting owner Pete on his big, bright stand, and having him run us through his range of touring specific paddle wear was a treat. This stuff is well thought out, as well made as anything we've seen and very competitively priced.
We have begun with Peak UK's Tourlite Short Jacket & Pro Jacket, their neoskin Pants & Shorts, a compact & nicely conceived 15m tow system, a thermal rashie & their lightweight paddle shoes. Consider that we haven't ever stocked paddle shoes before, because we haven't seen a pair that we thought combined light weight, stiff soles & a low profile.
Best of all, there is more to come. Peak release their Northern Summer range in a couple of months with some more products that are just so impressive. Keep an eye on our pages for updates.
The range is now up live on our ONLINE STORE, with freight free on all orders over $50. 

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