Monday 10 February 2014

Oscar Chalupsky Clinic, March 16

We recently had Oscar in town for a series of clinics on paddling technique & theory. We ran the session down at Watson's Bay, with the backdrop of Sydney Harbour & clam flat water allowing a detailed run through of Oscar's unique take on how to make a surf ski work.

A crew of 16 paddlers, all except one of whom have gotten into surfski in the past couple of years, took part in the three hour session where Oscar covered the basics of forward stroke for surf kski, remounts, and a broad history of the evolution of the wing paddle. In essence, he gave us a pointed, simple lesson on bio mechanics, and their application to maximising your forward paddling efficiency & balance, for paddling surf ski in the environment for which they were designed, the ocean. I wrote a summary of the afternoon & evening HERE

Despite the fact that I've been paddling at a reasonable level for years, and have a sound understanding of the bio mechanics of a good forward stroke, I still took away a few pearls from Oscar's instruction that have greatly improved my rough water ski paddling. They're little things, but they have made a big difference.

Oscar is coming back next month, & once again we'll be hosting a paddle clinic down at the picturesque Watson's Bay, from 3pm to 6pm on Sunday afternoon, March 16.
Oscar has promised a basic skills & technique session, with the final part of the afternoon dedicated to the theory & practicalities of downwind paddling, a skill that Oscar has developed to world champion status a dozen times over his decades-long paddling career.

The course will cover the following:

1. Introduction to surf ski paddling technique

2. Basic’s of the surf ski forward stroke, the theory of the wing paddle and the theory of the forward stroke.

3. Using the paddle for stability, and setting up your ski.

4. Remounts.

5. Stroke drills & correction, complete with a full set of easy-to-follow notes.

6. Personalised technique critic

7. Balance & when to upgrade to a faster boat

8. Learn Oscar's gym exercises, you get notes for these

9. Learn Oscar's training programs for races and how to race. 

Price is $150 per person, including drill sheets, exercise program, and a 'Coached by Chalupsky' high vis cap.

Please contact Mark on 0417924478 or to book your spot.

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