Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Moving & Shaking

After 4 weeks of toil, shifting our warehouse of 12 years at Marrickville into our new premises in Miranda, severely underestimating the logistical challenges of a decade of collecting a lot of stuff I didn't really need, I can say with great relief that we have MOVED!
Our new warehouse has a dedicated space now for a small shop for EK gear & paddles, whilst the boats are still up on the racks that any visitor over the years to Marrickville will know well, but now in a much more accessible place.
Because of the way EK has evolved, from something Rob & I wanted to keep as a dedicated second interest to our main businesses, we have never fully embraced the idea of having a shop that you can just drop into as you would a traditional store. Instead it's always been advisable to call ahead to make sure we're there, then we'd apologetically open storage crates to find you what you were looking for.
No more, we're now 5 days a week, 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday and by appointment on the weekends (when we're out paddling), and you won't need a secret code to get in! The first few customers, including a few frequent flyers, have made comments like 'did you always have this much gear?' and 'Gee you've broadened your range'. Well no actually, with the exception of the the brand new stock we've landed from paddling performance brand Vaikobi, it's just that now you can see it all out on the racks, and even touch it....
That said, as well as a full range of Vaikobi gear, we've now got a much larger range of colours & styles from NRS and Peak UK, as well as having demo boats on hand for Tiderace, Valley & Rockpool, and ski demos for Fenn, Epic & Think. We're also a few minutes from Botany Bay, where we're fully licenced to conduct demo & instructional paddles any time.
So, to celebrate we're having an official launch this coming Friday arvo. From 4.30pm, you're welcome to drop by for a cold beer and a plate of King Prawns, to help us celebrate the latest stage of this excellent little adventure that is Expedition Kayaks. If you're around, do pop in for a chat, there are loads of giveaways & a couple of lucky door prizes.
Just a note on navigation, because southbound traffic on Pt Hacking Rd can't turn right into our complex, check the map below for directions.

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