Wednesday 3 June 2015

Tiderace Pace 17S - Fast Touring for Smaller Engines

We're a few days away from landing our first Tiderace Pace 17S, the first fast touring design to reach our shores aimed at smaller paddlers.

It promises much, filling a gap in the market that has been wide and barren since the Taran revolutionised fast expedition paddling.

Wisely, Tiderace haven't messed with the length, but instead have chosen to make the boat slightly narrower, and with cockpit fit-out & ergonomics suited to paddlers substantially lighter than the entire current range of fast expedition boats can offer.

Like all Tiderace boats it's been designed by Aled Williams, a guy with peerless kayak design pedigree, and even though it's only been out a few months the feedback from overseas has been very positive from the people it was aimed at, lighter folks!

If you've always felt like you were swimming around in your expedition boat this may well be the kayak that consigns the foam fitout blocks to the bin forever.

Get in touch either Rob or Mark to arrange a test paddle.

You can read the full specs on the 'S' HERE

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