Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tim Trehearn's 'Gone for Shore' - A Guide to Sea Kayaking in North Queensland

Rob has penned a short review on the terrific new guidebook to FNQ just published by our paddling mate in the north, Tim Trehearn.

"This is more than just an excellent kayaking guide for North Queensland. Dont be mistaken by this modest size of this book, it is rich in images, maps, details, anecdotes and a deep respect and appreciation for the North Queensland Coast. I have paddled the areas covered by the book, some of them several times  but on reading Tim's guide realised how much more there is to discover. It makes me want to go back to find some of the special places I have paddled straight past on previous journeys. 

It is widely accepted that local knowledge is an invaluable resource in any trip plan and underpinning this book are decades of kayaking experience in North Queensland. Even better, despite the inevitable repetition that the guide book format can impose on the subject matter this actually easy and enjoyable to read and a worthy addition even if you don't have the trip scheduled and the charts on the dining room table.

Rob Mercer, October, 2015"

The book is available through our online store HERE for $24.95.

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