Thursday, 22 September 2016

Broughton Island & Back

Here's a photo diary of a trip Rob & I did with our mates from the Sutherland Shire Club out to Broughton Island on Monday & Tuesday.

We needed a solid plan for the Monday with a strong offshore wind likely to make the 15km crossing from land a little uncomfortable, and decided to paddle along Bennett's Beach for a few kilometres before striking out, downwind to Broughton.

On the Tuesday an easing headwind made for a grind home, and coming in through the heads to Nelson Bay with a 2.5kn ebbing tide making the swell stand up and break, providing some thrills (and spills) at the butt end of a long day.
The gang checking out the crossing from the mainland, approximately 15km to Broughton Island.
I can't imagine a more varied set of paddling conditions over the course of two days on the ocean, and considering this group had never done an overnight sea paddle before, they absolutely smoked it. There a few pics below, and 8 minutes worth of vision from the trip in the video above.
Campsite shenanigans
A lumpy entrance to Nelson Bay
Esmeralda Cove from the camping platforms.
View from the summit of the island.
Kristy & Kate, fresh from a blistering Myall Classic race, paddle the last few strokes into Esmeralda Cove.
Stargazing on Broughton Island.

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