Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rockpool Kayaks - Coming soon....

In our continuing quest for even more quality boat models to add to the 13 we now have available, we have just finalised an order with the almost mythical Welsh kayak manufacturers, Rockpool. As far as I know, only the well-thought-of Tasweigan, Geoff Murray has managed to procure himself one of these master craft in Australia, but we'll have stock on the shelf towards the end of Winter, 2009. Rob & I both managed some water time in Geoff's beautiful boat on our recent instructing trip to Tassie, & were struck by the small-artisan detail in the build quality. For the aesthetes among us, they are definitely a sight to behold, and not just for the colourful graphics made famous in the tiderace footage of Rockpool's in action in the This is the Sea series. In keeping with our ethos to encourage skills & boat handling, we're also thrilled with the feedback from well-regarded British peers who rave about the rough-water handling of all Rockpool designs. Manufactured in Anglesey, Wales, by master boat builder & designed Mike Webb, Rockpool are reknowned for the innovation in their design. The most impressive of these in my eyes is the higher ergonomic foredeck, which allows a more anatomically correct leg drive position for forward paddling - no cramped thighs in a Rockpool....
We will initially be landing the brand new GT, a fast crusier with all of the big water handling of the shorter tide race boats like the Alaw (pronounced Arr-Lau for those not fluent in Welsh...)
If you have had your heart set on one of these striking, innovative & up to now virtually-impossible-to-get kayaks & would like one made to your specs, complete with the famous starfish & glitter deck graphics, you have until May 10 to contact us with your request.
For an incredibly comprehensive summary of the Rockpool designs & ethos, visit their excellent website.

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