Wednesday 22 April 2009

UK Sea Kayking Instruction DVD's

We've recently secured distribution for the brilliantly informative & entertaining set of sea kayaking instructional DVD's from Olly Sanders, highly respected British instructor & film maker. His two instruction DVD's, 'Rough Water Handling', and 'Sea Kayak Safety', are so far ahead of any of those doing the rounds over the years as to make them almost indistinguishable from what is around.
They feature all of the hot shots you see on the This is the Sea DVD series (Aled Williams, Nick Cunliffe, Nigel Dennis, Trys Burke etc), explaining how they manage to execute their advanced skills in the dynamic environment of the sea. Aside from being spectacular to watch, they abound with 'eureka' moments & provide a rollicking good ride through advanced skills. They're not entry level DVD's, but with a market saturated with this basic level of instructional media it's refreshing to see something catering to the paddler with a set of skills, looking for a few clues on how to go to the next level. Sea Kayaker magazine, in reviewing the series, made the pointed observation 'it's one thing to show kayakers what to do in an emergency; it's quite another to show them what to expect. Unlike almost all other instructional kayak safety DVDs and videos on the market, which demonstrate rescues only in mill-pond-smooth conditions, this DVD contains extensive footage of sea kayak rescues performed in rough water.'
I found the DVD's to be less on the prescriptive side - the 'gather around little paddlers while I tell you what to do' - & more on the suggestive side. In other words, there are several ways to execute these skills & here are a few options, which is exactly how I try to structure my instruction - probably because I hate being told what to do...!
The DVD's are available from our online store for $49.95, and are a superb addition to your library of instruction media. If Easter Horizons & This is the Sea are sea kayaking porn, Olly Sanders provides the hard hitting current affairs. They just need Kerry O'Brien doing the narrative....

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