Thursday 30 July 2009

Latest Shipment from the UK

Our latest shipment has arrived!
The much anticipated Rockpool GT will make it’s debut on the water on this coming week, and there are two only remaining in stock. We’ve also got stock on the shelf of the traditional Greenland boat, the Anas Acuta, the exceptional new double from North Shore, the Atlantic II, and the world’s fastest sea kayak, the Valley Rapier 20. There is good stock of the highly regarded Valley RM range, the performance day boats to compliment your high volume expedition kayak.
Traditionally our new arrivals last days, rather than weeks, so be quick if you want to arrange a test paddle of a shiny new British sea kayak.
We will be closing off custom orders for our next shipment, due in November, on August 21.
If you’d like a Valley, Rockpool or North Shore boat made exactly to your colour & layup specs, ready to paddle in the coming summer, please let us know prior to August 21.

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