Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sydney Sunrise

I have just returned from an awesome sunrise paddle with Greg Simpson, now the Commodore - such a fantastic title - of the Tassie Sea Canoeing Club, in town for a day or so on business. Because entertaining visiting interstate dignitaries is now absolutely considered to be work, I suggested we head out for a paddle on the late sunrise, getting a small taste of the great variety of water around the entrance to Sydney harbour.
I'll let the images tell the story here, it was a spectacular morning, unseasonally warm, windless & with enough building sea to make the cliff sections plenty of fun. As I write this it's a howling westerly outside so we snuck in just before the weather turned, sipping a coffee at Watson's Bay as the whitecaps desecrated our pristine early morning waterway.
Greg striking out against the pre-sunrise skyline (note the lack of rudder....)

Gentle chop off the cliffs of the Gap

North head against the rising sun

The cliffline south of Sydney Heads.


  1. I have been called many things before....but dignitary?....that's a first. Thanks for a top morning.

    GS again

  2. There you have it folks, another blog comment from world famous sea canoeist Greg S. I'm definitely moving up in the world.....!

  3. Mark, those photos are absolutely stunning. Extremely jeolous here! :)

  4. Maybe when you get dne with the HCC you might head out to sea with us...?


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