Thursday 22 July 2010

Alien invasion in Canberra?

ACT paddler Marty Holden sent this photo through this morning of what looks to me like an impending alien mothership about to devour Canberra, and Marty in his Nordkapp LV. I guess this would save us the anguish of another election campaign...
Marty writes:
"We were out paddling on Lake Burley Griffin on Sunday morning in a nice cool temperature of -4 degrees.
The temperature was pretty normal for Canberra, but the fog was a complete pea souper – to the extent that we literally got lost 3 times within an hour.
However for a brief 5 minutes a small patch of fog cleared and we were able to take the attached photo whilst admiring Black Mountain."

It's some photo, probably one of the best kayaking pics I've seen, the photographer is Justin Channells, thanks Marty for sending it in. 

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