Thursday 15 July 2010

Ocean Paddler Reviews the Reed PFD

The esteemed sea kayaking magazine in the UK, Ocean Paddler, has reviewed our Reed PFD. You can see the review HERE.
It's a comprehensive review & we concur with their findings, that this is a well priced, very well thought out piece of kit, made to last & fitted with enough features to enhance, rather than detract, from the performance of the unit in the sea.
We are very lucky at EK to have our 'canary in the coal mine' in the form of Rob Mercer, who wears & uses all of our Reed gear, 6 days a week on full days paddling & instructing. This gives us a great insight into the wear & tear on our products, the likelihood of their failure, where they'll go if they do, and as a consequence what advice to give our customers on care & maintenance. 
A month of paddling for Rob equates to more than a year of water time for me, and I dare say the majority of paddlers out there, so we are very confident of the capabilities of our gear. It's part of the reason we offer so little choice - if we don't think something cuts the mustard we don't put our reputations behind it.
We have good stock of the Reed PFD, available nationally including freight to your door for $219.00.
You can subscribe to Ocean Paddler, the world's best sea kayaking mag, at

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